Advocating just policies that bring about successful reintegration of people convicted of sex offenses with their communities, increasing public safety and safeguarding civil liberties.

Resources and policies in Massachusetts have been devoted almost exclusively to punishment, exclusion, and demonization as opposed to treatment and prevention of those we label sex offenders. Policies based on misinformation and hysteria have not made our communities safer.

We are a group of concerned citizens working for more rational evidence based practices to deal with people convicted of sexual crimes. We work to secure better legislation through education and demystifying the social stigma of Registrants.

SOPRI helps offenders returning to the community by providing the kind of support that reduces their chance of recidivating allowing them to make a new start.

Formally, SOPRI-MA is sub-committee working under the umbrella of the Criminal Justice Policy Coalition; a member-based, 501(c)3 organization dedicated to the advancement of effective, just, and humane criminal justice policy in Massachusetts.

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