Published Papers and Opinion Pieces

Symbol-New-York-Times When Junk Science about Sex Offenders Infects the Supreme Court”
David Feige
New York Times Op-Ed
Tamara Rice Lave and Franklin E. Zimring
logo-icjia-small-blue-3 “Sex Offenses & Sex Offender Registration Task Force Final Report
Illinois Criminal Justice Information Authority
December, 2017
pdf “The Pennsylvania Prison Society – Policy Subcommittee on Sex Offense Issues”
November 17, 2017
Sex Registries as Modern-Day Witch Pyres: Why Criminal Justice Reform Advocates Need to Address the Treatment of People on the Sex Offender Registry
In Justice Today
Guy Hamilton-Smith, December 12, 2017
pdf “Defining and Contextualizing Prevention: Part 1

“Putting Sex Offender Specific Legislation in Perspective: The Importance of Primary Prevention.”
Raymond A. Knight, 2017

pdf “Frightening and High”: The Supreme Court’s Crucial Mistake about Sex Crime Statistics
Ira Mark Ellman and Tara Ellman
Transparent ATSA Logo R 10_0 Policy Papers developed by the Association for the Treatment of Sexual Abusers
Association for the Treatment of Sexual Abusers
“Bad Data: How government agencies distort statistics on sex-crime recidivisum”
Alissa R. Ackerman and Marshall Burns, Center of Juvenile and Criminal Justice, 2016
07bar-master768 Making the Case Against Banishing Sex Offenders
The Marshall Project, October 5, 2016
pdf “Risk Evaluation: Maximizing Risk Accuracy”

Presentation to Special Commission to Reduce the Recidivism of Sex Offenders

Raymond A. Knight, October 8, 2014

bjs 5 Percent of Sex Offenders Rearrested for Another Sex Crime Within 3 Years of Prison Release
Bureau of Justice Statistics, November 16, 2003